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Weekly Menu

Week of October 5th - 9th

Monday Oct 5                            Breakfast: French toast sticks, pears and milk

                                                      Lunch:        Cheeseburger, french fries, peaches and milk



Tuesday  Oct 6                        Breakfast: Chocolate cresent roll, watermelon raisins and milk

                                               Lunch: Cheese stuffed breadstick, marinara, broccoli, mandarin oranges & milk

                                                           HS: Chex Mix



Wednesday Oct 7                    Breakfast: Sausage & biscuit, tropical fruit and milk

                                                    Lunch: Chicken wrap, banana and milk

                                                            JH & HS: Granola Bar



Thursday Oct 8                          Breakfast: Mini-bagel, peaches and milk

                                                 Lunch: Soft taco, refried beans, apple and milk


Friday  Oct 9                              Breakfast: Blueberry pop tart, applesauce and milk

                                                  Lunch:            Turkey sandwich, sweet peas, orange, rice crispie treat & milk

                                                            HS: Carrots