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Weekly Bulletin

Week of September 21st - 25th

Monday Sept 21                        Breakfast: Ham, egg &cheese bar, toast, orange and milk

                                                      Lunch:        Chicken nuggets, dinner roll, red bell peppers, baked beans, tropical fruit




Tuesday  Sept 22                     Breakfast: Banana nut muffin, strawberry raisins and milk

                                               Lunch: Hot dog, tater-tots, kiwi, and milk

                                                           HS: Chex Mix


Activities:                                *JH & HS Softball Game @ Welch 4:00 & 5:30



Wednesday Sept 23                 Breakfast: Breakfast bacon pizza, apple and milk

                                                    Lunch: BBQ riblet, broccoli, peaches and milk

                                                            JH & HS: Rice crispie treat


Activities:                                *School dismissed @ 2:45 (every Wednesday)




Thursday Sept 24                      Breakfast: Mini pancakes, orange and milk

                                                 Lunch: Sausage pizza, corn, strawberry raisins and milk



Activities:                                *HS Softball Districts (9/24-9/26)




Friday  Sept 25                          Breakfast: Yogurt, scooby snacks, banana and milk

                                                  Lunch:            Chicken fries, carrots, strawberries, chocolate pudding and milk

                                                            HS: Graham Snacks


Activities:                               *HS Football Game @ Timberlake 7:30 PM




Coming up:


*PICTURE DAY! (9/28)

*Caring Van here for flu shots 12:00 PM (10/2)

*HS Football Game @ SC vs Bluejacket 7:30 PM (10/2)

*HS Football Game @ SC vs Copan 7:30 PM (10/9)

*HS Football Game @ Welch 7:30 PM (10/15)

*HS Football Game @ SC vs DCLA 7:30 PM (10/23)

*HS Football Game @ Medford 7:30 PM (10/30)

*HS Football Game @ SC vs Wesleyan Christian 7:30 PM (10/2)