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Weekly Bulletin

Week of November 9th - 13th

Monday Nov 9                           Breakfast: Blueberry muffin, pears and milk

                                                      Lunch:        Corndog, sweet carrots, raisins and milk

                                                             HS: Chex Mix


Activities:                                *JH TOURNAMENT Foyil White vs SC @ Foyil  Girls 5:30 Boys 6:15

                                                *School Board Meeting 6:30 PM in the Cafeteria


Tuesday  Nov 10                     Breakfast: Cereal bar, apple and milk

                                               Lunch: Southwest pork burrito, salad, pears and milk

                                                          HS: Fruit Bar


Activities:                                *JH TOURNAMENT Justus Tiawah vs SC @ Foyil  Girls 4:00 Boys 4:45



Wednesday Nov 11                 Breakfast: Powdered donuts, tropical fruit and milk

                                                    Lunch: Chicken strips, roll, potatoes & gravy, mandarin oranges and milk

                                                            HS: Granola Bar


Activities:                                *Veterans Day Assembly @ 10:00 AM

                                                *School dismissed @ 2:45 (every Wednesday)




Thursday Nov 12                      Breakfast: Cereal, raisins and milk

                                                 Lunch: Ham sandwich, pork & beans, banana and milk



Activities:                                *JH TOURNAMENT Foyil Maroon vs SC @ Foyil  Girls 7:00 Boys 7:45



Friday  Nov 13                           Breakfast: Strawberry poptart, cherry applesauce and milk

                                                  Lunch:            Chicken bacon ranch, green beans, pineapple and milk

                                                            PK-8: Roll-up

                                                            HS: Fruit Bar