Weekly Bulletin

Week of  November 20th - November 24th

Monday Nov 20                         Breakfast: Fruit frudel & an apple

                                                      Lunch: Roaring taco soup, doritos, strawberries & milk



Activities:                                           *Cub Club 3:30-4:00 in the Cafeteria

                                                *5th & 6th Basketball SC VS FOYIL @ SC 5:00

                                                *7th & 8th Basketball SC VS FOYIL @ SC 7:00    


Tuesday Nov 21                       Breakfast: Cereal bar, go-gurt & grapes

                                               Lunch: Elementary - Egg rolls  JH & HS Fiestada Pizza



Activities:                                *Ms. Starrett is taking her 1st hour & 6th hour to Fort Scott & PSU



Wednesday Nov 22                Breakfast: NO SCHOOL

                                                   Lunch: THANKSGIVING BREAK



Activities:                                *FFA has BLUE & GOLD SAUSAGE on hand!  $7 a roll


Thursday Nov 23                      Breakfast: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

                                                                Lunch: NO SCHOOL



Activities:                                 *



Friday Nov 24                                      Breakfast: NO SCHOOL

                                                              Lunch: THANKSGIVING BREAK



Week of  November 27th - December 1st

Monday Nov 27                         Breakfast: Breakfast pizza & peaches

                                                      Lunch: Hotdogs, tater-tots, celery, oranges & milk


Activities:                                           *5th & 6th Basketball  SC VS COPAN @ SC  5:00 PM

                                                *7th & 8th Basketball  SC VS COPAN @ SC 7:00 PM


Tuesday Nov 28                       Breakfast: Strawberry Parfait

                                               Lunch: BBQ Pork Sandwich, green beans, pickle spear, applesauce, scooby snack


Activities:                                *7th & 8th Basketball CLAREMORE CHRISTIAN VS SC @ SC     4:00 PM

                                                *High School Basketball CLAREMORE CHRISTIAN VS SC @ SC   6:30 PM


Wednesday Nov 29                Breakfast: Cinnamon cream cheese bagel & kiwi

                                                   Lunch: Spaghetti, breadstick, salad, pears & milk

                                                           JH & HS: Brownie


Activities:                                *FFA has BLUE & GOLD SAUSAGE on hand!  $7 a roll


Thursday Nov 30                      Breakfast: Fruit frudel & applesauce

                                                                Lunch: Enchilada casserole, black beans, pears & milk



Activities:                                 *Send items for the FOOD DRIVE!! Help your class win a pizza party!



Friday Dec 1                                      Breakfast: Pancakes & blueberries

                                                              Lunch: Beef & bean burrito, carrots, refried beans, mixed fruit & milk

                                                                            HS: Pudding



Activities:                                *High School Basketball SC VS COPAN @ COPAN  6:30 PM 




*5th & 6th Basketball  SC VS WESLEYAN @ SC  5:00 PM (12/4)

*7th & 8th Basketball  SC VS WESLEYAN @ SC 7:00 PM (12/4)

*High School Basketball Tournament @ Copan (12/4 - 12/8)

*PK, Kindergarten & 1st Grade to see Santa at the Bank @ 12:30 (12/8)          

*5th & 6th Basketball  SC VS FOYIL @ FOYIL  5:00 PM (12/11)

*7th & 8th Basketball  SC VS FOYIL @ FOYIL 7:00 PM    (12/11)   

*School Board Meeting 6:30 in the Cafeteria (12/11)

*High School Basketball Tournament @ Pawhuska (12/11-12/15)


CANNED FOOD DRIVE FOR SALVATION ARMY - The class which brings the most food items (anything that does not need refrigeration) will get a pizza party.  LETS FILL THE BARRELS!